Security Trainings

We offer other security trainings in Snort/Suricata rule writing targeted at exploits and malware CnC, effectively deploying Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems, and effective deployment of Detection Solutions!

Security Tools

Our tools that have been developed keeping a malware analysis workflow and a malware analyst in mind, that helps effectively analyze a malware, and assits an analyst to reverse a malware by giving directions on how to reverse it.

Security Services

Services related to malware reversing, detection engineering. Services related to malware reversing, detection engineering.

Security Trainings

Rednet Team provide world class trainings on Cybersecurity . Our training team are research professionals who have worked in core Cybersecurity teams of top companies RSA,Mcafee,Symantec ,Cisco and have experience. Our trainers have developed security products ,written books ,blogs, presented papers and have multiple patents in the field of Cybersecurity. Trainers profile would be shared on request.

Our training methodology is more hands-on experience rather than theoretical. We train on latest technology trends . We provide post training support to trainees to carry out their job properly even after training completion.

We stress more concept oriented than tool oriented. We found lot of trainings are tool based and trainees become dependent on tools. Our teach internals on how tools work and hence trainess